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10 Aug

Mojo Housemartins Coverage

Mojo Magazine have a great writeup on the recent reissue of “London 0 – Hull 4”  Featuring clippings from Paul Heaton’s personal scrapbook you can relive a golden era when supporting the Miners made you gay (apparently)!

The Housemartins 2009

The Housemartins 2009

IN THEIR FIRST FOUR-CORNERED interview since the departure of drummer Hugh Whitaker called time on the band’s classic line-up, The Housemartins reform this month for MOJO magazine.

Although their post-fame journeys were darkened by drummer Hugh Whitaker‘s five years in jail for an axe-assisted assault, singer Paul Heaton‘s alcoholism and bassist Norman “Fatboy Slim” Cook‘s troubled years of DJ infamy and tabloid intrusion, they insist that “nothing bad that happened in our subsequent lives can be blamed on the Housemartins”.

The quartet took gospel harmonies and left-wing politics to the top of the charts between 1986 and 1988, and their musical legacy is confirmed with the re-release this month of their classic debut album, London 0 Hull 4.

But another angle on their story is provided by the diaries and scrapbooks kept by Heaton, a zealous collector with OCD tendendies. His 1986 diary testifies to the volume of work undertaken by the band (106 gigs in 1986), but also to the more prosaic realities of a lad in his early 20s: a preoccupation with Sheffield United jostling with the band’s chart positions and a record of his intake of pints.

The scrapbooks – a home for photos and cuttings documenting the band’s rise from their earliest musical stirrings – testify to Heaton’s drive, publicity-awareness and humour. They’re a Proustian rush for any pop fan active in the mid-’80s, or anyone curious about the pop biz as seen from the inside.

Get over to the Mojo site for clippings etc. Here

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